Learning Outside The Classroom (LOTC)

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Personal development is central to all our outdoor education courses. We fully support the Every Child Matters (ECM) outcomes.



Every Child Matters (ECM) outcomes

  • Be healthy

Pro-Active Adventure deliver outdoor education courses with the aim of getting children into the outdoors, learning about healthy lifestyles and active minds.

  • Stay safe

Pupils will learn how to take risks safely for themselves in a safe and secure environment.

  • Enjoy & achieve

Research we have been involved in has shown that children learn better with engaging and inspiring challenges that are properly set, so we never set them up to fail as so many outdoor education centres often do. Pupils on one of our programmes learn more about themselves and each other which enables them to achieve and build self-esteem.

  • Make a positive contribution

The work and research we have been involved in has enabled us to design outdoor activity programmes specifically to develop self-esteem and build confidence. Young people attending these outdoor education courses have been seen to make a more positive contribution to society and achieve more personal success.

See our Specialist Youth Services section for full details.

  • Achieve economic wellbeing

Pro-Active Adventure employs programmes that equip young people with valuable social skills for their future, increasing their reception to available opportunities. Non-academic ways of learning can re-engage disaffected pupils and increase their appetite for learning, thus raising standards of pupil attainment.

Read our Learning Outside The Classroom (LOTC) Case Study for more details

We aim to create opportunities that will enhance and enrich learning. Action based tasks will develop pupils’ leadership skills, which can be transferred to aspects of the national curriculum such as P.E. Pupils will learn generic, transferable skills and gain knowledge that is directly related to school subjects.

Personal Learning & Thinking Skills (PLTS)

The Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) that pupils will develop will support their personal development and help them to fit into the roles that they will take on in their lives. Motivated by a range of exciting outdoor activities, pupils will grow from uncertain individuals into confident leaders and effective team members.

Our Learning Outside The Classroom (LOTC) programmes

We have extensive experience covering a wide range of outdoor activities which we have delivered to a large number of different client groups. This has enabled us to develop and deliver courses that are some of the most progressive and leading courses available in outdoor education in the UK.

Our blend of experiential education and adventure is everything that Learning Outside The Classroom (LOTC) embodies. A residential stay with Pro Active Adventure will support you in meeting the needs of their Curriculum, crossing many subject areas, providing hands-on relevant learning for pupils. This is often a pupil’s most memorable experience. Practical examples of theory learned at school will re-engage pupils and instil knowledge and skills which will continue with them to their classroom and, as some of our research shows, on into their adult life.

Pro-Active Adventure provides real, safe and enjoyable activity programmes which will be of benefit to all young people.

The Learning Outside The Classroom (LOTC) Quality Badge

The recent introduction of the Learning Outside The Classroom (LOTC) Quality Badge is another endorsement of the Government’s commitment to making Learning Outside The Classroom (LOTC) accessible to all teachers and pupils. This national accreditation seeks to ensure that you can clearly choose a provider who effectively combines learning and safety in their course provision.

Pro-Active Adventure was one of the first activity companies to receive the Learning Outside The Classroom (LOTC) Quality Badge.

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