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Mountain Bike Instructor Award Scheme, (MIAS):

Who trains the trainers? We do! Pro-Active Adventure has been providing mountain bike instructor courses in Wales under the Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme, (MIAS) longer than any other provider, many of the instructors we trained have gone on to be trained by us as course providers in their own right. We are currently the only mountain bike instructor course provider in Wales who can deliver mountain bike instructor courses right through from MIAS level 1 to MIAS level 6.

Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme: MIAS

Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme: MIAS

Mountain biking is probably one of the fastest growing sports in the country at the moment, so it’s an ideal time to become a mountain bike instructor. We offer mountain bike instructor training and assessment courses for people who wish to become mountain bike instructors at locations all across Wales. If you are an organisation and have 5 or more candidates to put forward we are happy to come to your location to deliver a course. The Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme (MIAS) is recognised by the A.A.L.S., A.B.C.C.. and is QCF awarded, this is a widely recognised and credible award, contact us for full details.

Course Dates 2019:

April 6 – 7 Levels 1, 2, 3

May 11 – 12 Levels 1, 2, 3

September 7 – 8 Levels 1, 2, 3

October 19 – 20 Levels 1, 2, 3

Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme: MIAS

Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme: MIAS

Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme

The Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme (MIAS) and The Welsh Mountain Bike Leaders Award (WMBLA) differs from other recognised mountain bike instructor courses in that it has national academic accreditation thought: The Lifetime Awarding Organisation, a MIAS level 2 instructor is awarded a QCF level 2, this is equivalent to a GCSE and a MIAS level 3 instructor is awarded a QCF level 3, which is equivalent to an “A” level. The MIAS award is also operated under the European Qualifications Framework and is equivalent to e level 4 in this award, which means it is recognised in France as a leaders award for mountain biking. Obviously this is very useful for guiding in the Alps.

Despite what you may have been told by others, currently there is no UK wide National Governing Body. However, the MIAS award has been in practice for longer than any other mountain bike award, and is recognised by the AALS. Also, unlike other awards MIAS does recognise that you may come with a life time of experience in outdoor education and mountain biking so we do recognise approved prior learning, as well as training you may have undertaken with other recognised award providers. This means we can fast track some training if the prior training with other awards can be evidenced. This award has been used by guides and members of the armed services, the police, mountain guides, schools and youth groups in: Chile, France, Spain, Singapore, New Zealand, Crete, Morocco, Canada and Italy, making it a very credible award for leading and guiding abroad.

Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme: MIAS

Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme: MIAS

The award scheme has three levels of instructor’s award covering different leadership needs, however at all levels candidates will undertake basic training in the following:

  • Personal & group equipment
  • Access
  • Cycle maintenance
  • Trail maintenance
  • Navigation
  • Coaching skills
  • Risk assessment & management
  • Recording systems and procedural paperwork
  • Group & trail management
  • Emergency procedures

Level 1

For instructors who will lead groups off road on way marked tracks below 600 meters and within close proximity of immediate aid. Typically these might be; way marked cycle tracks, canal tow paths, and forestry tracks. These would involve skills such as; climbs, descents, pedal kicks, short track stand and wheel lifts.

Candidate requirements: Previous mountain bike experience.

Level 2

Instructors who wish to lead groups into moorland, upland or mountainous terrain up to 600 meters and within 30 minutes walk of habitation. Technically a little more demanding and will employ climbing and descents over loose surfaces, single track, log hops, jumps, small drop offs, deep mud and water crossing.

Candidate requirements: Basic Expedition Leaders Award or similar mountain experience.

Level 3

This is a development course for leaders who hold a MIAS or WMBLA level 2. Candidates can apply for exemption if they can demonstrate approved prior learning such as training by another recognised provider. The terrain covered can be above 600 meters and typically involves long descents, large drop offs and rock steps or a combination of technical manoeuvres one after another.

Candidate requirements: Summer Mountain Leaders Award.

Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme: MIAS

Mountain Bike Instructors Award Scheme: MIAS

Coaching 4, 5, 6

This is for candidates who hold a MIAS or WMBLA 3 and who wish to assist on training courses and work towards course provider status.

Training & Assessment Courses

Scheduled training courses take place monthly over a two day period at our centres in Llangollen, North Wales or Bishops Castle in Mid Wales and Conwy in North Wales. Most open courses usually take place over the weekend. However we can arrange closed courses for Outdoor Centres, Armed Services, The Police and Youth Group Leaders, at your location if you have five or more candidates.

The course is not about learning extreme manouveres or stunts, it is designed for people who wish to lead groups into wild country or mountainous terrain safely and bring them back with a muddy smile!!! However, there is obviously a need to achieve a level of technical competence.

View our download docs section for: course dates; course programme; an equipment list; and an course application form.


There are two rotes to gaining qualification through the MIAS award scheme, obviously the cost differs, the costs illustrated below do not include VAT:

Training and assessment route for candidates who do not hold any other instructor or leader qualification, and who only have limited mountain bike riding experience.

  • Two day training course for levels 1 and 2 is £150 per candidate. The cost is for training only, but includes registration with M.I.A.S. training and training pack, and logbook.
  • Assessment for levels 1 and 2 costs £105* per candidate, (cost includes external validation and certificate)*Plus M.I.A.S. administration fee of £40 when the assessment taken separately to training.

Training and assessment route for candidates who hold any other instructional or leading qualification, and have single track mountain bike experience, this is a two day course:

  • Levels 1 and 2 only, you must have approved prior learning. This can be another instructional qualification, teacher, military NCO or above. The cost of £180 per candidate includes: Registration with M.I.A.S., training pack, log book, training, assessment, external validation and certification.

Assessment for level 3 for instructors holding M.I.A.S. level 2, 1 day assessment:

  • Level 3 assessment £140 plus QCF award validation £80
  • Residential costs on request dependent on standard required within the centre.
  • For group bookings please contact our office to obtain a specific discounted quote for your course.


Please contact us for details of your instructor training. If you want to download and print off the course application form then please click here.

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