BMX Biking

  • Small agile bikes
  • Good for improving bike skill and balance
  • On site BMX track
  • Increase confidence though expert tuition

BMX Biking – School Activity Trips

We can guide students through the correct way to ride these small agile bikes. There is the possibility to progress onto our onsite BMX track which consists of Table top jumps, drops and bridges.

BMX School Residential

Our instructors are fully qualified and very experienced. They will encourage and support pupils to extend their comfort zones, but will never force a pupil to take part. Coaching will be progressive, so that nervous individuals can increase their confidence on our small skills track, whilst more confident pupils can challenge themselves on the main track.


Please give Clive a call or drop him an email if you would like more information or to discuss your options.

Tell: 01588 630123
Mob: 07866630123


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