Caving & Potholing

  • Real underground adventure
  • Experience history first hand
  • Challenging and alien environment
  • Promotes communication and team work

Caving & Potholing – School Activity Trips

The first recorded caving trip took place in 853 B.C. by the Assyrian King Shalmaneser III at Lidje in Kurdistan, near the source of the Tigris. It was part of the victory celebrations after a battle that took place nearby. However now-a-day you don’t have to win a battle to visit one of our beautiful cave systems.

In the world beneath our feet water seeps through cracks in the bedrock and over millions of years creates vast caverns. Many of these cave systems have yet to be fully explored. Even in the U.K. some of our finest caves have only been visited by the privileged few. These caves are richly decorated with calcite curtains, delicate straws and glistening white stalactites.

Most of our locations are in the limestone karst landscapes of the Brecon Beacons, but there are a few in North Wales. Negotiating the twisting maze of passages, with the help of our qualified instructors, will require good communication and sound teamwork. Pupils will have the opportunity to lead others and will learn about the formation of these beautiful caves.


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