School Activity Trips: Kayaking

School Activity Trips: Kayaking

Kayaking is an accessible, and a great way to explore our rivers, canals and lakes. Our instructors have a wealth of experience and are able to guide trips on rivers such as the Conwy, Dee, upper Severn, Wye and the Onny. We also kayak on numerous lakes and sheltered inlets across Wales. We use Sit On Top Kayaks which are stable yet manoeuvrable and do not feel so enclosed or boxed in as traditional kayaks. This enable pupils to develop skills confidently without the usual worry of capsize.

Pupils will learn new skills, develop confidence on water and learn how to look after each others safety. There will be plenty of opportunities to learn about the environment. After a thorough safety brief, pupils will acquire new skills through a mixture of self-guided learning and coach led instruction.

A typical kayaking day will follow a progressive pattern from tuition on the riverbank through to river journeys and advanced skills. The instructors have an array of team games that will cement new skills and bond individuals into an efficient team.


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