Open Canoeing

  • Stable, forgiving boats
  • Ideal for journeys, expeditions and games
  • Promotes Teamwork and cooperation
  • Brilliant introduction to paddle sports and the outdoors
  • Ideal for Duke of Edinburgh and BELA expeditions

Open Canoeing – School Activity Trips

The Canadian Canoe is the expedition boat of the canoeing world. They are stable, spacious, forgiving and able to deal with anything from calm canals to wild white water. Canoes are an ideal exploratory tool, allowing multi night expeditions along North Wales’ beautiful rivers and canals. Due to their design they are ideal for beginners and groups to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings

Within a short drive from our North Wales centres we are able to access scenic canals, placid lakes and white water creeks.

Canoe trips can be part of the expedition element of the Duke of Edinburgh or BELA awards. They are ideal for developing team work skills. On the river, pupils will have to work together to keep their boat straight. The outcomes of poor communication will be clear to see!




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