School residential trip testimonials

Testimonials from schools & students

Secondary school teacher

The Proactive team provided an exceptional experience for our year 11 students. The instructors were well-humoured, knowledgeable and confident, which put our students at ease and meant more were prepared to push themselves in the activities. I fully recommend using their services.

Mike Baker
Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School

Secondary school teacher

Hi Clive, we had a really super time with you. The children really enjoyed themselves and the staff said how well organised it was. I was very disappointed that I couldn’t be there, but looking forward to next time.

Thanks very much for a brilliant time and please pass on our best wishes to all the team.”

Primary school student

Thanks for giving us such a good time. You really made me see what I was capable of. It turns out I’m better on the outside than I am on the X-Box 360 and Wii. I really enjoyed the gorge walking.”

Secondary school teacher

Once again, many thanks for this weekend. As ever we were delighted with the way it went. The kids have come back tired but beaming about what they had done.”

Primary school student

Thank you so much for having us at the centre the activities were fun this was the best holiday ever.

On the high ropes I really thought that it wasn’t safe, I went on because you helped me by convincing me I could do it, jumping was the best.

Thank you for pushing me to my limits and I can say with the upmost confidence that I’m not afraid of heights anymore. Plus you have helped me conquer other fears with not much difficulty.

I was really excited when I heard we were going abseiling. I really felt confident with all your help especially the instructors.”

Primary school students

Thank you for helping us do the activities, I enjoyed canoeing splashing people and the games and the water slides. Thanks for making us confident you really helped.

I really enjoyed climbing and canoeing my favourite thing was abseiling I want to do it again.”

Primary school students

Thank you for our visit to Llangollen. I really enjoyed it. It was so scary but so much fun. I love the high ropes course.

Thank you for letting us do the activities and for helping us if we get stuck.

In abseiling it looked really scary and high up but I wanted to give it a go so I did and wanted to do it again. I was so scared on the high ropes but when I got to the top I loved it.

When I first saw the ropes course I thought oh I am never going to be able to jump and hit the ball but when I got to the top of the pole and they counted down from three and I jumped I felt really good inside.”

Secondary school student

That’s the best day I’ve had so far!”

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