Your child’s safety

Our Safety Policies have been written based on Pro-Active Adventure’s years of experience of looking after young people. It also complies both with legislative obligations and our duty of care towards young people, members of the public and our employees. Obviously particular attention has been made with, regard to the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the regulations issued under it.

Attention has also been given to industry guidance and codes of practice where these are available. This policy is available for all visiting teachers on arrival at our centre and can be requested by parents, together with copies of our staff training and qualifications. Alternatively you can find out more about each of our instructors.

Risk assessments

Safety is our priority here at Pro-Active. Every centre and every activity has its own individual risk assessment. We understand that a piece of paper that sits in a file is no substitute for good practice. There for our staff team have a vigorous induction programme and are updated on risk assessments and policy on a regular basis.

Professional staff team

Unlike many large commercial operators we do not rely on a fresh batch of newly qualified instructors that are taken on a seasonal basis. Our professional team all hold multiple National Governing Body Awards (NGBs) and all have at least three years post qualifying experience. Many of them have been with us since the company formed and have played a large part in the success of Pro-Active Adventure, in supporting and encouraging young people to attain personal achievements. Many, young people have achieved beyond their wildest dreams, sending their confidence and self-esteem soaring. All staff go through an in depth selection process, enhanced CRB check, and inducted. An on-going monitoring process ensures they continue to deliver activities that they teach to the highest possible standard.

Off site activities

Off-site activities are supervised to the same standards as on-site activities. They are closely monitored and subjected to regular Risk Assessments, which can be accessed from our Health & Safety section. All locations are strictly controlled, are well-known and regularly used by Pro-Active instructors. All locations are covered as part of the induction process.

Instructors leading off-site sessions always carry a full safety pack, containing such items as a first-aid kit, location maps, bivvy bags, extra clothes, throw lines, call out procedures and drinking water. A mobile phone is also included to enable the instructor to contact the centre or emergency services if necessary.

Special needs

Pro-Active is commitment to improving and reviewing its ability to work with special needs groups. We can meet the needs of many groups, so long as teachers make us aware at time of booking. We have welcomed many children and groups with special needs to our centres and all have really enjoyed the experience. Many groups return year after year to share the experience with new pupils and group members.

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