Team Building

Team Building

An effective team requires everybody to co-operate, communicate and understand who is good at what. One person can rarely produce the ideas required and then carry them out! We use Belbins model of “Team Roles” to help you identify everyone roles, strengths and potentials. Whether they are a Specialist, Implementer or Shaper  people need to be employed in your correct role within the team to ensure it’s effective function and performance. We will support you to form, and develop your team into an effective working body of people.

It is also well recognised that when staff feel valued they are happier and so perform better, however lack of confidence often prevents the individual from reaching their potential. Our courses build confidence in people to perform better and enable an organisation to become supportive creating a ‘no blame’ culture. Pro-Active Adventure provides the catalyst to achieve this.

Team development

Typically, for a group of staff, with manager(s), we will firstly clarify and review what you want to achieve, spending time discussing what outcomes you would like to see at the end of the course and design the programme to meet these aims. We will help to identify any possible obstacles and plan future progress. Within any organisation this itself is rarely a straightforward process, as any lack of trust or openness in the team will create communication difficulties. We will help to develop trust and facilitate openness and honesty, and ultimately confidence within the team so that they are more able to for fill the teams role.

Our facilitators, will create a safe atmosphere, where people will learn to listen to each other, say what they think and feel confident to take calculated risks and generate effective procedures to help the team develop.

The core principle to all our development courses is confidence.

We aim to increase confidence for all those who take part. All are programmes are designed around the various aspects of team work relevant to you, the client.

We aim to make our courses match your work environment to maximise the development potential so that when participants leave they will have knowledge and confidence that they can implement and practised in the work place. We don’t claim we will be able to sort your business issues out in one go, but we can make teams much more effective and give individuals within your organisation the confidence to move your business forward.

We have several different courses to meet your teams needs and budgets to suit:

Team Day

This is for established teams to reward, review and validate progress. It is therefore not very in-depth and usually involves fun adventurous activities that provide a positive shared experience.

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Basic Team Day

For new or recently formed teams to understand their “Belbin Team Role” and explore how that fits most effectively into the team. We facilitate development of working relationships and help form a development plan. This course is often used by companies who have just formed a new team, expanded or re structured. One of the programme aims is to accelerate the “getting to know you” process, thus saving valuable time rather than the rather slow process of this taking place in the work environment. Teams will be able initiate working practices through the course to take back to the work place improving their effectiveness and confidence.


Management Development Day

In depth course designed for management teams to fine tune working roles and aspirations. This programme is very much designed individually to focus on specific areas that the customer has identified. One of our trainers will consult with you directly to discuss your needs then design a bespoke programme to meet those needs.

Team Games School Residential Trip

Senior Management Development Day

Designed to refine and streamline the working practices of senior management teams. Sometime at a senior management level it is possible to become “Bogged down” in long established habits and practices within the team making it difficult to be innovative and creative, both valuable characteristics at a senior level. We will support you in refreshing the team and enabling it to identify a new positive working strategy. Our trainer will make a post course visit to review your outcomes or advise on the implementation of any strategies if necessary.

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We have access to a wide range of accommodation and training facilities across Wales. Conwy is an ideal location which has many recreational resources within the area for down time after the course. The accommodation has a 90 cover dinning room, Private dining space, Bar, Terrace, TV lounge and four teaching/meeting rooms. Other accommodation options include Bryn Gwynant, Pen y Pass and Broad Haven and Manorbier

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