Students may graduate with honours but what prepares them for the competitive employment market. This course helps students make the leap from education to the work place. It provides students with specific work based skills which may not have been acquired during their time at university. Many of our contacts in industry often site this as a problem during their recruitment. Employers are looking for work based skillsStudent Retention as well as a good qualifications. All aspects of the employability course replicate work structures, methods and practices. We use challenging outdoor activities to facilitate students understanding of Belbin’s team profiles, this helps them to better understand their strengths and abilities within a team. This allows individuals to employ and practice work based skills in a safe environment then receive feedback on their performance from staff and other students. This enables students to get a head start in the work place. Our courses have a high level of individual feedback from students that have found employment after attending one of our programmes. Universities have utilised this programme for their most promising students to provide a Launchpad for their future careers.

Programmes are designed specifically to include targets of: Positive body language, CV construction, Interviewing skills and Work based ethics. For further information please call:

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