Student retention

Student Retention

Our Student Retention Programmes delivers outdoor education related, personal development courses that service’s the diverse needs within a university community. Currently our delivery concentrates on supporting student needs for an effective transition into university life and study.

Programme Aims

  • For the students to get to know one another
  • To encourage personal development in a supportive team-building environment
  • To introduce students to helping processes and supporting systems
  • To extend the students personal potential by building self confidence and a feeling of self worth

Student Retention


Pro Active Adventure has been delivering high level student retention courses for many years and for a number of universities including UClan (University of Central Lancashire), Chester University and Glamorgan University.

The student retention program is designed to accelerate the process of group bonding through a series of challenges, tasks and activities that will promote a safe and supportive team environment.

High Ropes, Student Retention

The student retention course was created by Mr. Jon Hilton, a research psychologist with over fifteen years of experience in the training industry. Much of Jon’s work has been investigating the effects and subsequent results of confidence and behaviour change of the individual and their organisation.

Student Retention

All facilitators working on the student retention courses have prior experience in development courses and had training and supervision from Jon. Continual feedback and observations are taken to ensure our high standards are kept.

Student Retention Team games

Feedback of a 60% improvement in retention has been reported by universities following attendance on our student retention courses. Universities have subsequently included our retention course into a ‘Collaborative Working Module’. Lectures have also reported students becoming more autonomous sooner in their academic career, please see our testimonials page for feedback.

Please call or email if you would like more information or to discuss your options. All courses are specifically designed around you and your students needs.

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